Andy is a songwriter, producer and musician.

He has contributed songs to albums with a total of over 200,000 sales and has written incidental music for television, multimedia projects and library albums (including work for the BBC and Sky TV).

He has worked on various projects from fledgling singers and songwriters to world class rock and pop artists in studios in The U.K.,  the U.S.A and Germany, including his own studio “Pistachio Palace”.

As a player he has performed world wide with different bands. Usually on bass, but sometimes on guitar or keys.

He is also half of DeadBeatDukes who make music for film and one of the proud founders of MADHEN productions.

Incidentally he also turned up in the Columbia-Tri-Star Pictures “Still Crazy” as the roadie for fictional band “Strange Fruit”....... and many moons ago he taught songwriting in a Prison!

Visit the GALLERY page for pictures of Andy at work and more importantly the MUSIC page for examples of his writing and production.